Tuesday, 26 May 2009

They Upheld Prop 8, Parallel Universe Version

There was widespread outcry today when the controversial 'Prop 8' law was upheld in California.
The Law, which changed the state Constitution to restrict the definition of civil union to non religious couples and eliminated Christian couples' right to join civilly, met with outrage from members and allies of the Christian community when it first came into power last November.
"It's a violation of our rights", Margaret, an anti Christophobia campaigner said. "We're human beings who fall in love and we should be allowed to have civil unions just like anyone else."
As a Christian, Margaret has the option of 'marriage' - a little known Christian concept which would join her and her Christian lover Neil for life "before god". The ceremony would take place in a church and would have little meaning outside the insular Christian community.
Lynn Rushbough, a Queer fundamentalist commentator, encourages Christians to keep their relationships private. "That 'marriage' thing should be enough for them." she said on her notoriously christophobic radio show. "Their behaviour is dangerous to upstanding Gay Americans and to institutions like Civil Union. Some Christians even seek to undermine the Gay moral values upon which this country stands. Let them have their own little ceremony, but don't let them come running to us for legal recognition when they chose to follow such an immoral, ungay lifestyle."
Civil Unions currently afford heterosexual couples the same rights as more traditional Gay unions. However, the apparent backlash against Christian rights makes many fear that even atheist heterosexual marriages may be under threat.

Funny how it's not that way.


  1. It just makes me fucking sick. Hello? We are supposed to be on the left coast, and Maine and Iowa are ahead of us in terms of civil rights? Fuckety fuck fuck.

  2. Hilarious. And I echo Riot Kitty's sentiment. Couldn't have said it better myself. Fuckety Fuck Fuck.

  3. Brilliant done...and the whole thing is a fucking mess...gah