Friday, 22 May 2009

A bit of crossover

As many of you are aware I also do a poetry blog, Chick Thing Poems.
I say 'do'. It gets the odd update when interesting things like poetry nights and competitions are in the offing, and when I need a bit of feedback on a poem, but is generally poorly maintained.
However this little bit of nonsense I came up with half an hour before an open mic slot last night seemed to fit better on this blog.
So here it is.

Just To Avoid Confusion

If you're going to say
"That's so gay"
Please make it clear
That the unfashionable T-shirt to which you refer
Always knew it was different from the other shirts,
Pretended to be interested in being paired
With a nice silk skirt, or pair of racy hotpants.
But secrently it longed to go with jeans,
Chinos or even combats
But didn't want to tell the other shirts
(for fear of being taken to the cleaners)
And so got in with a more colourful crowd
And ended up being dyed a telltale pink
After an ill advised tumble
With a pair of
Corduroy Trousers.