Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A load of tripe

"You know you've got an image problem when your name has come to mean something worthless or rubbish."
i heard this when I turned on the television this evening and thought that I'd tuned into something about homophobic bullying and the word gay. I actually gotquite excited about my pet grievance making primetime BBC One. But no,it was the woman on the One Show (a show more middle of the road than a dead hedgehog) talking about tripe.
Tripe is apparently cow's stomach. I've never met anyone who's eaten and enjoyed it, but given my predeliction for haggis, I'd probably give it a go. I do have to say, watching Hugh Grant being made to pretend to like the stuff on live TV was well worth the license fee.
However, I'd like to see the word tripe replace the word gay in the under 30s vernacular.

"Yo man, that's well tripe."
"That's some tripe-assed shit."

but it doesn't need to stop there. What's wrong with a retro slang craze? Bring back ripping, jolly and top-hole! Get teenagers asking 'are you squiffy, blud?'Apart from anything else, it'd give the ASBO generation something in common with their grans.
I'm going to use the word tripe as much as possible. Please do the same.


  1. I'm with you on the retro slang! You probably already know that, given my everyday vocabulary, which stretches from Wodehouse to Kerouac, with a good smattering of Dylan the psychedelic rabbit.

    Straight from the fridge, Daddio.

    Rich. ;)

  2. Tripe! I haven't heard that word, except for the food, in so long.