Monday, 12 January 2009

Bloggy Goodness

So, this is a new blog. I wanted a receptacle for my rants and rambles on the subject of all things linguistic. Especially pollitical correctness and insults.
From 'that's so gay' as an insult to 'it's political correctness gone mad' as a euphemism for 'wahhh! it's not fair: I used not to get called on being a bigoted old fuck!' Also, when is it O.K. to 'ironically' use P.I. language? If I offend anyone, I hope they'll comment and get into a discussion with me. I'm really interested in which people find what offensive. Do people with cerebral palsy use the word 'Spacker'? How do Romany people feel about 'chav'? What about the use of 'girl' as a signifier of weakness in men? Am I really the only one seething?
Hopefully I'll update more regularly than has been my wont on other blogs.
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