Thursday, 2 April 2009

Victory, apparently, is Riot Kitty's.

OK in a departure from normal service, today's blog is dedicated to the awesome Riot Kitty and her crazy meme shenanigans. Apparently I have to:-
1. Post six random funny things about other people.
2. Then tag six other bloggers.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Be FUNNY.

Here goes.

1. My friend and exneighbour had an annoying and supercilious houseguest who woke her up one morning to the smell of noxious fumes after he put the cordless electric kettle ON the stove, melted the crap out of it, and then ran across the kitchen and dumped it in the sink, leaving a trail of molten plastic in his wake. He hasn't lived it down.

2. A kid in a behavioural inclusion unit (bad kid school) I once worked at asked to go to the toilet during a cooking class and didn't return. After some investigation of the moans coming from the cubicle it transpired that he had stolen some chillies in order to experiment with their 'stimulating' properties. He could barely walk when he emerged.

3. My beloved told a store clerk 'fuck you!' when she was two years old.

4. One of the followers of this blog owns a deranged, paint-drinking attack goose.

5. My best friend got a blowjob at my wedding, in the conference room of the city council building, and was almost interrupted in flagrante by a drunk-assed bridesmaid. This is what happens when you give the gays a foot in the door of local government.

6. My friend's mum, upon walking in on her offspring discussiong masturbation, said the immortal line "Oh don't stop on my account, I know all about wankling!"

OK, everyone following this blog should consider themselves tagged.



  1. Oh, our darling RK - the things she starts. Can you imagine the things she must have pulled in grade school?

    I am duly meme'd. But I warn you - I'm rarely funny.

  2. Bwahahahaha! How is it that my oldest friend never told me her episode from age 2? I laughed loudly at the chiles and bj...

  3. Brilliant. I laughed out-loud (getting some strange looks in Coffee Rev, but there you go).

    I like #2 because we've all been there.

    I like #4 because it's so surreal.

    I like #5 because it's so... well, good story, but you can't say that, can you?

    I'm afraid of #6.

    I've never been tagged before! I'm kind of excited, but the pressure to be funny might be a bit beyond me. I'll do my best (look for the completed post sometime next month, at the rate I'm going).

  4. This is a great meme. I think I need to try this one. Number 1 is a perfect example of truth being stranger than fiction. I agree with Benjamin Franklin: "fish and visitors smell in 3 days."