Sunday, 22 February 2009


Just a correction on the last blog. Those delicious chocolatey treats known as Minstrels do in fact still exist! Is it hypercorrect to be worrying about this? They're not called minstrels for any other reason than that they are brown, after all... But then you don't see Yorkshire people being offended that our chocolate namesake is a chunky, low quality and sexist product (Yorkie: it's not for girls, apparently).
that is all...


  1. You know - I went to a girls' night and my friend had bought a bunch of Yorkies because she fell for that marketing plow. I didn't have any but apparently they taste like shit! Everyone stopped eating and wanted to spit them out :( I didn't know that was why they were called YOrkies...

    so post your e-mail address on my blog!

  2. The company Rowntree was York based and invented the yorkie as well as smarties (the English, chocolate kind, not the fizzy candy American kind). They used to be really good but Nestle bought them and screwed them up. Yorkies were originally so called because they were from York, but were depicted as representing a hearty, northern, masculine snack. The more recent overt sexism is all Nestle, whom I was sadly already boycotting so couldn't have the satisfaction of cutting them out.